Sample articles

The Globe and Mail – Grande Prairie, Alta., loves what this chef from Kuwait is bringing to the table.

For this article, I interviewed Ozzy, a humble, kind and talented chef who purchased a restaurant in my hometown.

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explore Price of Entry

This was my first feature article (3,000+ words; in a prime spot in the magazine) for explore. Published in the Fall 2022 print issue, I asked: why is outdoor adventure gear so expensive? Who is being excluded? What is being done to combat this problem? Through five interviews, the answers I received might surprise you.

Only available in print.

Paddling Magazine – Inside Dianne Whelan’s Six-Year, 27,000-Kilometer Continent-Crossing Odyssey

Dianne Whelan is incredible. She hiked, biked, paddled, skiied and snowshoed a 27,000-kilometer continuous line across Canada, traveling from Atlantic to Arctic to Pacific oceans, becoming the first person to complete both the land and water portions of the TCT.

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