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Alison Karlene Hodgins lives in Vancouver, British Columbia. When she’s not hiking snow-capped mountains or planning future trips, you can find her ensconced in a quirky café reading a travelogue or listening to live music.

Born and raised in a rural town in northern Alberta, she understands both the appeal of the city and the allure of the country. She’s passionate about ethical tourism, outdoor adventure, and exploring your own backyard, though she’s still enamored with international travel—and has already explored over 35 different countries. Alison holds a Writing and Publishing diploma, a Bachelor of Journalism, and a Master of Fine Arts in Creative Nonfiction.

She works as the online editor for Explore and the managing editor for Canadian Traveller. She has been published by The Globe and Mail, The Huffington Post, Cottage Life, HI Hostels, and British Columbia Magazine. Alison is currently writing a memoir about breaking her back, traveling the world, and losing her dad, tentatively titled Backbone.


Why I write

From the time I could read, I loved creative writing. When I was 14 years old, I entered a writing contest in Edmonton without telling anyone. I was delighted when I received a letter stating that I’d won an honorary mention, and my poem would be published in a small chapbook along with other young writers from Alberta.

It gave me the courage to tell my parents that I wanted to be a writer. “You’ll never make money doing that,” my mom scoffed.

Challenge accepted, I entered another competition and won first prize. This time, the letter came with $200. I proudly showed my parents that I could make money writing. They laughed, shook their heads, and embraced my passion for success.

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My Work-In-Progress Memoir

Since my first trip to Amsterdam at 11 years old, I’ve travelled to over 35 different countries. I’ve always identified myself as a backpacker, but after breaking my back snowboarding in France at 20 years old, I can’t carry a backpack anymore.

Still, I feel so lucky to be able to can walk, hike, travel, camp and explore—and despite some limitations, I do it now more than ever before.

If you’re an editor, agent or publisher curious to hear more or read my manuscript, please reach out to me via the Contact page.

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Thank you for joining me on this adventure!

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