About Backbone

As a young, optimistic woman, I travel through Australia, Europe, India, and South Korea, seeking independence and, ironically, belonging. One cloudy day, I fall while snowboarding in the French Alps. My spine snaps in two. At only 20 years old, I am nearly paralyzed.

I’m sent back home to Canada in a stretcher. Three weeks later, my dad suddenly dies in a freak accident at work. He was my best friend.

After fracturing my physical backbone, I lose the backbone of my family.

Dealing with overwhelming grief, I struggle to recover physically and emotionally. Relearning how to walk reflects my inner healing journey as I confront feelings of anger, blame, guilt, and loneliness.

Travel doesn’t cure me—but the countries I visit offer lessons. Germany teaches me to acknowledge the difficulties of my past. After attending a wedding in Mumbai, I begin to recognize my privilege. During a semester in Seoul, experimenting with Korean beauty trends helps me relearn how to love my body.

I am awed by the kindness, selflessness, and hospitality offered by strangers around the world, but I also experience the very real hardships, differences, and dangers of solo female travel.

After four years of globetrotting, I start to settle. I accept a full-time job as a travel writer and editor. Finally, I’m able to overcome my fears of dependency and exclusion: I’ve found my place in the world.

I am currently seeking representation for my memoir and future books/novels. If you’re an interested literary agent, please get in touch via the Contact page. If you love my story, please feel free to pass this page on to an agent or publisher. Thank you!

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